Baby Brain….

Well.  Baby brain is kicking my butt at the moment. I'm past the horrible hangover/morning sickness stage and into the "honeymoon period" of pregnancy but seriously, my brain is mush.  I had to call a company up at work the other day and said I was calling from there...poor girl on the other end of … Continue reading Baby Brain….


12 Things that happen when it snows in England

We are not a country made for extreme weather.  If it gets too hot, we can't cope.  If it's too cold, we also can't cope.  Although if there's one thing us Brits are good at it's talking about the weather! The country grinds to a halt.  Literally.  You can sit in traffic for hours on … Continue reading 12 Things that happen when it snows in England

My first trimester

Sounds like a kids book doesn't it?  "My first baby" So the first trimester of pregnancy.... I started it off by doing everything you're not meant to do.  Obviously I didn't know what was going on at the time and carried on as normal.  We've worked out I got pregnant a couple of weeks after our friend … Continue reading My first trimester


We are not an “ungrateful generation”

I need to rant so this will be a nice quick post. Scrolling through Facebook earlier and one of my friends mums had shared one of those generic "this is a messed up generation" posts.  You know the ones, saying how we're all ungrateful, don't understand a proper work ethic, have no respect for people … Continue reading We are not an “ungrateful generation”


A proper update

Maybe grab a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit for this one..... So back in October I stopped writing blog posts, I stopped pushing my posts on social media and I was basically just a bit fed up.  I was beating myself up if I didn't write a post, if I didn't do a … Continue reading A proper update


I’m baaaaack!

Ok, ok it's been the longest time! I took a long time off, I didn't enjoy writing a blog anymore, I didn't like the pressure I was starting to put on myself and I wanted to focus on being married and doing something I loved - photography.  I've taken hundreds of pictures, I've got business … Continue reading I’m baaaaack!


Post wedding blues and what happens next

It’s been 3 months since we got married now and the blues have definitely kicked in. I was sat looking through the photos on Friday night and just thinking about the day in general.  There’s nothing I’d change massively other than maybe getting it recorded as that was the only thing we didn’t do.  To … Continue reading Post wedding blues and what happens next