I’m lucky to live on the South Coast in Dorset…. I say lucky – I mean in the photography sense.  I’ll need to take on about 5 jobs to be able to ever buy a house but the views are pretty good!

There are so many places around here to go for landscape photography, Bournemouth beach, Sandbanks, Corfe Castle, Swanage….the list goes on.  My love of beaches started young, I grew up spending the majority of the summers in Devon and Cornwall surfing. Days off from school during the holiday were spent taking a bus trip with friends, having a day at the beach and then going home as the sun was going down, just to go back the next day and do the same again.

I’ve been known to go for a run at 7am on the beach, it’s quiet, there’s nobody else except the odd dog walker at that time of morning and you can take as many pictures of a blank beach as you want.  When I started my job I would go to the beach on my lunch breaks and after work, just wander through the summer holiday crowds to the end of the pier, just to look out across the masses of sand and sea.  There’s something oddly calming about watching the sea, I think the lack of actual waves in Bournemouth does help!


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