Baby Photography…

….it’s something different.  Especially when you have limited experience with children under 2.

In the past 7 months alone we’ve had 3 babies come into our lives, we’re godparents to two of them and the other is Ben’s cousin’s daughter.


Our nephew/godson Finn was born in October 2016, slightly premature hence the massive amount of hair still on his forehead!  He was easy to photograph at this age, spent the majority of the time either asleep or just woken up and in a dozey state of not focusing.


He’s developing his own little personality now, cheeky little boy full of smiles.  But there’s a very fine line and if you cross it….oh do you know it! He’s full of smiles if it’s a girl holding him, doesn’t look so sure if it’s a male, all the makings of a little ladies man.  The smiles are lasting longer, he’s “gurgling” if you ask a question,  and I can’t wait to see how his personality develops as he grows up.


We’ve been very lucky to be asked to be godparents to two beautiful babies and to watch them turn into cheeky little characters is an incredible thing



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