15 signs you’re getting old far too quickly

1. You class a good night in as a Netflix marathon, uninterrupted except to get more cups of tea. Sat on the sofa with your dressing gown, slippers and of course a blanket. Blankets are a must 2. Baby scans don’t make you think “oh god, really?” anymore, if anything they just make you very … Continue reading 15 signs you’re getting old far too quickly


Mine and Ben’s story

My birthday is always around a bank holiday at the end of May, and one of my friends was home for a couple of weeks from working on a cruise ship so we combined birthdays for a night out.  I’d cut down my drinking a lot by then, wasn’t keen on going out and tried … Continue reading Mine and Ben’s story

Strong Women Raise Strong Children

Something I’ve seen and read variations of so many times before but it’s not been until the last year or so I’ve really noticed it.  My goddaughter and nephew are being raised by two incredible women.  Shannen to start with is raising Finn as a single parent and absolutely bossing it.  When she told me … Continue reading Strong Women Raise Strong Children



I was going to do a post today about thoughts girls have while getting ready for a night out, then the Westminster attack happened and it felt wrong.  It felt wrong to be posting about such a ‘basic bitch’ post when people had been murdered in cold blood.  Information’s still being thrown about but at … Continue reading Thoughts….


The personalities every girl has

I’m always told I have an incredibly split personality, I can flip completely with no apparent warning. But that got me thinking about what makes me me? Do I share personality traits with other people or are we all just different variations on a theme..... The Gym Rat Usually makes her appearance in the first … Continue reading The personalities every girl has


13 things I wish we’d been taught about adulthood

Unfortunately there's no class or course you can take to learn how to be a fully functioning adult, who's a productive member of society.  You're kind of expected to just know all of these things as soon as you're fresh out of school, like growing up just happens over night.  One minute you're checking the … Continue reading 13 things I wish we’d been taught about adulthood


The Bride Brain struggle is real….

I’ve never had use for a diary before, I’ve never made notes of dates in calendars, I’m usually the one who can just remember dates at the drop of a hat.  Not now. Nowadays I’m double booking, remembering that I’m doing something on a certain day but have NO idea what, putting the wrong dates … Continue reading The Bride Brain struggle is real….