15 signs you’re getting old far too quickly

1. You class a good night in as a Netflix marathon, uninterrupted except to get more cups of tea. Sat on the sofa with your dressing gown, slippers and of course a blanket. Blankets are a must 2. Baby scans don’t make you think “oh god, really?” anymore, if anything they just make you very … Continue reading 15 signs you’re getting old far too quickly


Mine and Ben’s story

My birthday is always around a bank holiday at the end of May, and one of my friends was home for a couple of weeks from working on a cruise ship so we combined birthdays for a night out.  I’d cut down my drinking a lot by then, wasn’t keen on going out and tried … Continue reading Mine and Ben’s story


I was going to do a post today about thoughts girls have while getting ready for a night out, then the Westminster attack happened and it felt wrong.  It felt wrong to be posting about such a ‘basic bitch’ post when people had been murdered in cold blood.  Information’s still being thrown about but at … Continue reading Thoughts….