Early mornings and disappointments…

The gym I go to faces directly onto Bournemouth beach and every morning you can see the sun rise over the pier.  The last week has shown the most gorgeous sunrises every single day, all the colours blended seamlessly into each other, perfect orange, pinks and purples that make the early starts that little bit easier.  So I figured I’d set my alarm nice and early for Saturday morning so I could finally catch the sunrise without being in the gym or having to go to work and miss it.

Alarm went off at 5.45am, phone said that sunrise was due to be 6.59am so got up, got ready and got down to the pier for about 6.48.  This gave me time to get in a position where I would catch it perfectly.  Apparently the weather had other ideas….


Got to the pier and it was freezing.  Like, bitterly cold.  I knew being by the sea it would be kind of windier than anywhere else but this was something else! I kept my hopes up, this sunrise would be worth it and I would get some decent photos to make up for the early start and the loss of feeling in my fingers.   Only the sky was grey.   Yes it was getting lighter, but it was a lighter grey.  I gave it until 5 past 7 then started to walk away, knowing that Ben still had a good hour in the gym before he was ready to leave – I dragged him with me, I don’t drive so I didn’t have much choice!  I saw the faintest strip of light pink and thought ok I’ll give it until 20 past, if it’s still grey I’m walking.  

7.20am….Still grey.  Still cold.  Still miserable.  So I walked to the other side of the pier and carried on towards the beach huts at East Cliffe, knowing that if nothing else, I could get some pictures of the multicoloured beach huts.   With it getting later now there were people out running, walking dogs, there was one guy in shorts and t-shirt!  There’s me in 3 layers and still not able to feel my toes and this guy running along like it’s nothing!  


I walked up the zig zag path at East Cliffe, there was still no sun and I was starting to feel pretty rubbish about the whole thing.  I’d got Ben up early, it was our day off, we both kind of wanted a lie in but wouldn’t admit it – we have to get up at 5.45am every day for gym sessions then work – and here was me with no bloody sunrise to be seen.  

At the top of the path there’s a tribute to Red Arrows pilot Jon Egging who sadly died at the Bournemouth Air Show in 2011.  The cliffside had a landslip last year and the memorial only just missed it.  


I started walking back towards the car, my phone battery on 75%, texting Ben to say I was basically giving up….and my phone died.  So now not only was I cold, I didn’t have my car keys, I couldn’t even tell Ben where I was, my day was a bit of a write off before 9am!  I tried turning it back on and it kept flashing up to charge it – real helpful apple – and eventually it leapt back to life, albeit with 30% battery.  Then died again.  At this point I was stood outside the gym and could see our car – warmth was literally in touching distance.  Attempted turning the phone back on and got just enough power to text Ben saying I was outside.  He finished his session, showered, came out and we went and got hot chocolate, came home, had a boiling hot shower, followed by putting on 4 layers and waiting for the feeling to come back to my fingers and toes.  All in all a bit of a rubbish morning, but these things happen and you can’t exactly control the weather….


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