Baby photography part 2

My nephew Finn was christened on Sunday and his mum asked me to take some photos of him beforehand.  It gave me an excuse to get the camera out, we put him in different outfits and got snapping.  


It went on for a while and he started getting grumpy towards the end, although he did very well for a 4 month old way past his bedtime! 


My parents hadn’t seen him since he was 2 weeks old so it was nice for them to see how much he’s grown and he sat and cuddled everyone, even the cat went close enough for a sort of stroke!


Now I know I’m incredibly biased but look at those eyes! they seem to get bigger every time we see him and he’s growing into such a little charmer.  He’s got a habit of looking like he’s about to cry, until you pull faces at him and he’s suddenly all smiles. 


The Woody outfit had to be done….it comes with a little cowboy hat that he kept on which we were more impressed with than anything else!  I’ve never met a baby that’s happy to sit with a hat on, people pulling faces and making stupid noises all while a camera’s going off in front of them but he sat very happily, even if we did have to keep pulling his hands from his mouth – the joys of teething!



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