The Bride Brain struggle is real….

I’ve never had use for a diary before, I’ve never made notes of dates in calendars, I’m usually the one who can just remember dates at the drop of a hat. 

Not now. Nowadays I’m double booking, remembering that I’m doing something on a certain day but have NO idea what, putting the wrong dates down…..and this is all with a bloody diary! 
When I paid the deposit for the wedding cake I put the wrong date down as the reference and she ended up messaging asking what date we’re actually getting married. I’ve just tried to book my nails for the day before and put the wrong date down…. I swear I know what day I’m getting married! I think my favourite one was when they asked what date my wedding is when I initially went dress shopping and I said 3 months too early….god knows where that date came from but their faces dropped at how late I’d left dress shopping and my mum had to point out I’d said the wrong date which made things a bit awkward.  
I have planners, notebooks, diaries and bits of paper absolutely everywhere, I’m normally the most organised person in the world but this bride brain is taking over 


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