I was going to do a post today about thoughts girls have while getting ready for a night out, then the Westminster attack happened and it felt wrong. 

It felt wrong to be posting about such a ‘basic bitch’ post when people had been murdered in cold blood.  Information’s still being thrown about but at the moment it’s one person as the attacker and currently 4 people dead and 20 injured.  

The thing I want to talk about is people’s reactions. 

Mainly the social media culture we’re in where people start videoing and taking pictures of something this horrific.  Yes it can be used as evidence in an investigation but the majority of people are recording thinking of the likes when they post it on Facebook.  Thinking of how they can say they were there.  In all honesty I’d rather not have something like that on my phone, it would be incomprehensible.  Why is it now that when something horrific happens it’s acceptable to stop what you’re doing, not to help, but to record or take pictures?  When did we become so attached to our phones that we lost our sense of humanity?

And the second reaction?  People automatically assumed it’s a Muslim attacker.  This sickens me.  I grew up knowing of different cultures because I was lucky enough to be able to, from when I was 12 I went to Turkey every year, I knew Muslims, I classed them as friends.  Not one of them was a Q’ran wielding psychopath – if anything they were the complete opposite.  I hate how people automatically assume that whenever anything remotely terrorism related happens people automatically blame Muslims, yet if a white man goes on a rampage he’s a ‘’lone wolf’’ or he’s ‘’mentally unstable’’ and religion is never brought into it.  It scares me that my nephew and goddaughter and any children I may have will grow up in such an intolerant world.  Where the colour of your skin, where you’re born or what your religion is influences peoples opinion of you.  People who have never met you, and likely never will, they will just assume that you’re like ‘’the rest’’ when it’s the minority that are wrong. 


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