Strong Women Raise Strong Children

Something I’ve seen and read variations of so many times before but it’s not been until the last year or so I’ve really noticed it.  My goddaughter and nephew are being raised by two incredible women. 

Shannen to start with is raising Finn as a single parent and absolutely bossing it.  When she told me she was pregnant, she asked me to tell Ben because she was too scared to, worried about how he was going to react to his little sister being pregnant.  I say little sister, there’s only 3 and a half years between them… as long as I’ve known her she’s always been fiercely independent and there was no doubt she’d be the same as a mum.  I remember seeing her the day before Finn was born and she was so calm.  She knew what was going to happen the next day and that was that.  We went to the hospital the day after when we were able to and she was already up and about.  Baring in mind Finn was a c-section and they say 6 week rest period, she wasn’t having it.  I took some time off work the week after he was born and stayed with her for the day so if she needed anything I was there.  The plan was I’d stay over for a few days so there was always someone else in the house with her if she needed to rest or anything.  Well it’s safe to say she didn’t need me! She’s off, sterilising bottles, making tea, cleaning clothes….you’d never have thought she’d just had a major operation, let alone having a week old baby to look after as well! Any time I offered to do something it was ‘’nah I’m fine, I’ve got it’’. And she’s so right.  She’s got this.  Yes she has me and Ben, and her parents to help, but the majority of stuff is done by her. Finn is an incredibly happy baby, and we have to convince her to take a night off and get us to babysit. I’m incredibly proud of how she’s handled what was a massive shock, and I know she’ll raise Finn to be just as strong, determined and amazing as his mum.

I did a post for Harper before, but this one’s more for Kerry.  She’s been through probably more than anyone I know, yet still has the energy and motivation to get up every day and get on with life.  She’s been there for me through the crappest times of my life, and the best, all while dealing with her own life as well.  She’s taken to motherhood like a duck to water, and sometimes I see her with Harper and just think “Damn, that kid’s lucky”  Harper’s her best friend, you can see that.  She’s one of those people who can have a million things going on in but will still stop and ask how you’re doing.  I can’t count how many times I’ve ranted about wedding things (mainly centrepieces – if I change those again I think she might just kill me) and she’ll always have something to say.  Either telling me I’m being Bridezilla, or telling me that it’s time for Bridezilla to make an appearance.  I remember her telling me she was pregnant, and then going to see her a couple of days after Harper was born.  Literally days old and Kerry sat there looking like she’d been doing it her whole life knowing exactly what to do.  She went through a lot throughout the pregnancy, especially towards the end, but always put her baby first, knowing that her life doesn’t revolve around her anymore – it’s now all about this little person who’s completely dependant.  Kerry’s one of the strongest women I know and I know she’ll raise Harper to be exactly the same.  

The world doesn’t stand a chance against these two. 


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