Mine and Ben’s story

My birthday is always around a bank holiday at the end of May, and one of my friends was home for a couple of weeks from working on a cruise ship so we combined birthdays for a night out.  I’d cut down my drinking a lot by then, wasn’t keen on going out and tried every excuse not to – it’s a Sunday, where’s going to be open, it looks like it’s going to rain, I don’t have much money, we’re having birthday drinks tomorrow.  Nothing.  I have very persistent friends sometimes. 

We started off in a Wetherspoons and ended up going to Yates because it was free entry and 2 for 1 cocktails.  We walked in and it was pretty much empty, even though it was bank holiday Sunday.  And then I saw this bloke working behind the bar and figured we could stay for a few.  Gemma and I went to the bar and started ordering, then she announced she wouldn’t be paying, Tim was, and Ben looked so pissed off.  Can’t blame him really – two girls come up and do an order for 5 people and then say they’re not paying?  Oh and not to mention he was incredibly hungover himself.  So we started half talking while waiting for Tim to come over to pay, Gemma insisted we needed the receipt for some reason.  I didn’t click until after he’d changed the till roll, got a different card machine and taken the payment that the only reason she wanted the receipt, wasn’t “to keep track of finances” it was to see what his name was!  I pointed out it said Ben on the till….in our defence we were both quite drunk by this point. 

After a while I went up to the bar, commented that we were out for my birthday and found a shot of tequila put in front of me.  The one spirit I couldn’t do back then (nowadays it’s more like finding a spirit I can drink and keep down!)  Around 11.30 we went on to a different bar and I said bye to Ben.  He likes to bring this up every so often, saying thats when he knew I was interested.  His ego’s so small….

I went a bit drunk, over-confident, found him on Facebook and sent a friend request then immediately forgot about it because there were shots to be had and birthdays to be celebrated.  He’s admitted since that he tried to find me but thought my name was Sarah for some reason and that’s probably why he couldn’t find me.  

The next morning I woke up to the notification that he’d accepted the request and we started talking.  I was going out again that Friday night with more friends for more birthday celebrations, he was working but said he would come out after for one.  So that Friday we all went to Yates, they’d set up a booth but had overbooked so we had the whole of the top floor to ourselves.  Not long after getting there one of my friends asked what a slut drop is, I then proceeded to show her, only to turn around to see Ben stood behind me.  I could feel my skin burning and just awkwardly laughed.  After his shift was over he came and met us, and we ended up sitting in the smoking area just talking until his sister came up and said she was finished with her shift and going home if he wanted a lift.  We carried on talking on Facebook after and started meeting up during the day when neither of us was working.  We were both working bar hours at that point and it was a nightmare getting time together.  

Not long after being “Official” I quit my job at the pub.  I got a lot of stick for it, people assuming he’d made me quit etc. and started working at a restaurant with daytime hours.  Then in the October someone we knew was renting their flat and we moved in in the November.  For various reasons we moved back to my parents in January with all of our stuff.  It felt like a massive step backwards but it needed to be done.  In June 2015 we were at his grans flat in Nottingham and he suddenly said ‘’we’re going ring shopping tomorrow.’’  We’d spoken about getting engaged but it seemed a long way off at the time, but sure enough the next day we were in different shops looking at the rings and bought one there and then.  Walking out the shop we almost walked straight into my mums friend and I made him hide the bag, they were away at the time and didn’t have a clue!  He proposed and here we are now, getting married in 4 months time


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