They’re not ‘just pets’

I didn’t think I’d be writing this post for a long time. My boys are only six years old, it feels like they’ve been around forever but at the same time they’re still so young. Roni got ill in August last year, he started pulling all his fur out around his back and legs and … Continue reading They’re not ‘just pets’


30 Things I’ve learned working in a call centre

I’ve worked in various jobs with the Great British Public, from sales, to customer services, via pubs and bars.  I’ve been spoken to like I’m nothing, but I’ve also had people heap praise on me for fixing their TV over the phone.  You win some, you lose some I guess, but these are the things … Continue reading 30 Things I’ve learned working in a call centre

Dear (some) men of the world…. 

Please answer me this, why do some of you think it’s acceptable to target a woman walking on her own?  What goes on in your head to make you think it’s ok to shout after her as she walks down the street on her way to work? And yes, I know it’s not all men, … Continue reading Dear (some) men of the world…. 


How to make yourself a morning person

If anyone had told me a few years ago that I would be writing this blog, I would have laughed in their face.  I’m still not amazing in the mornings but I’m SO much better than I was.  Before, I was more likely to hurl a bit of abuse at anyone who dared wake me … Continue reading How to make yourself a morning person


DIY Wedding – Confetti

Most venues nowadays have a rule that you have to have biodegradable confetti or bubbles, which is fair enough - they don’t want bits of plastic lingering around after your celebrations are over, and you don’t want to be partying in the remnants of another wedding.  The problem is, biodegradable confetti is so bloody expensive! … Continue reading DIY Wedding – Confetti


My Feel Good Playlist

Sun’s out (somewhere), it’s Easter bank holiday, and I never need an excuse to make a playlist.  It took far longer than it should’ve to make this list purely because I had to listen to every song…..research purposes obviously! Walk the Moon - Shut Up And Dance Rusted Root - Send Me On My Way … Continue reading My Feel Good Playlist


A slightly more successful beach trip

I'm writing this at 7am on Bournemouth beach, waiting for Ben to finish at the gym. I decided against an hour on the treadmill this morning and went for a walk along the beach instead, armed with just my phone this time and hoping for a better result than the last attempt! I've posted more … Continue reading A slightly more successful beach trip