Th1rteen R3asons Why

If you haven’t seen it, a) watch it now and b) spoilers ahead….

Ok so I loved this show.  I sat through 12 hours of it in one weekend….and chickened out on the last episode.  This blog post kind of explains why.  I’ve seen what happened after suicide, I’ve lived it, it’s not pretty or fun and I didn’t want it bringing back any more memories than it already was.  I mean, watching a show about 17 year olds who’s friend has committed suicide?  Little too close to home.

But it was addictive to watch.  From the very first episode when I said “oh I’ll just watch 10 minutes to see what it’s like” not realising it had only gone onto Netflix that day.  Ben and I spent our Saturday night watching 5 episodes of it.  That’s five hours straight of constantly keeping up with flashbacks and curveballs.  I’d read the book’s page on wikipedia a while ago when I saw it in the news that Selena Gomez had a new project or something and completely forgotten about it until then, so I knew the storyline, I had a basic idea of what it was going to be like, but nothing could have prepared me for actually watching it.  If it weren’t so long, or it was made into a film I’d absolutely say it should be mandatory to watch at school.  People need to learn that their actions have consequences, what could be a joke to you could affect someone to a point you don’t even want to think about.  *Yes I skipped the final episode, but Ben told me what happened* 

We both said that each of the characters was likeable, except Bryce – he was a dick from the start, but this was generally only until their tape was played, and then you saw them in a different light.  Courtney, the sweet innocent girl who suddenly starts victim blaming? Alex, the friend who pits two best friends against each other? Also Jeff didn’t deserve his ending.  I found myself getting annoyed at imaginary people and how they were behaving. 

It’s such a good tv series, it needs to be recognised as such and people need to be aware of it.  You never know what someone’s actually going through, you never know if you reaching out will pull someone back from the edge.  We got to the end of episode 12 and I made Ben pause it because I realised what was coming, and I couldn’t bring myself to watch it.  I went for a run instead and when I came back Ben said I was right not to watch it.  It was uncomfortable and graphic to watch, and I didn’t disbelieve that at all.  The rape scenes throughout the film are horrendous.  Not in the way they’re shown, or written, but how brutally honest it is.  It’s so incredibly raw and genuine, to the extent I was cringing while watching it because it made me feel so uncomfortable.  

I don’t think I can say enough how much this tv series needs to be watched by people.  it’s not some angsty teen drama, it’s showing a different, more honest side to a real issue.  Yes it’s brutal and uncomfortable at times, but it’s making the point that bullying isn’t glamorous and it has consequences. Set aside a couple of days and binge it, the actors do it justice, they bring light to such an important issue.  Bullying is happening in schools, workplaces, everywhere and it’s not talked about anywhere near enough.  If watching this helps someone out then they can say they did well. 


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