Wedding Planning – Update

So wedding planning….I’d like to think I’m pretty organised and on it.  I’ve got whiteboards, checklists, planners and diaries coming out of my ears.  I bought the whiteboard because I figured whenever I did something I could wipe it off and feel accomplished. Then I wrote everything that needed doing and just felt massively overwhelmed!

Our wedding planning started back in August 2015.  We got engaged in July and started planning straightaway.  We didn’t want a long engagement, just long enough that we could save the money we needed.  I understand people’s parents contributing etc but this way it was us paying for it and it was our decisions in the end.  We only saw one venue before booking, we loved it as soon as we arrived so figured there was no point wasting our or anyone else’s time by going around different venues and pretending to be interested.  Putting down the deposit was a massive relief – albeit an expensive one!  Having a set date meant we could start booking other things, and have an actual date in the future to get excited for.

We met with our lovely photographer, Liza, in December and she’d just been appointed one of Parley Manors preferred photographers.  I’ll be honest, we were never going to have a photographer.  We figured there’d be enough people there to take photos and who really takes their wedding photos out to look at them after the initial wedding haze?  I’m so glad we went with her.  She’s a genuinely nice person, she even told us to look at other photographers so we didn’t feel any pressure at all with her, loved her work and her personality.  She was booked pretty much straightaway, then it was down to the DJ, casino, and venue decorations.

The caterers luckily come with the venue – this left out any chasing around, trying different people etc.  Merlins caterers have been incredibly helpful, setting out all the timings of the day, letting us know who needs to be where and at what time etc.  We’re doing our own flowers, it’s so much cheaper to go with artificial, I can guarantee they won’t die and I can give them whatever look I want and not have to worry about rearranging them. 

We sent out the invites this week to everyone.  We have friends and family coming from literally all over the world and I’m so touched that they’re making these trips for our day.  It means so much that people are coming from a different country just to see us get married and celebrate with us.  We booked a bouncy castle, and I am determined to get on it at some point, even if it’s just for 5 minutes.  It finally feels like everything’s falling into place.  I have moments where I think ‘’pfft this is easy, I could be a wedding planner!’’ Rapidly followed by ‘’nope, sod it we’re eloping!’’  I’m trying to make the most of it, we said we’d have a 2 year engagement thinking that would be absolutely ages but it’s flown by and I’m so excited to become Mrs Pearse!


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