What I’m watching on Netflix at the moment

Brooklyn 99

I started watching this on E4 when it first came over to England, but stopped about halfway through the first series.  When we were at Ben’s mums one night it was on in the background and I forgot how funny it is.  Came back home that night and found the series on Netflix, and we binge watched it all within a few days!  It’s one of those series you don’t have to focus too hard on, all of the characters are likeable and the stories are actually funny.  I’ve seen too many ‘’comedy’’ shows where it feels forced and awkward.  Chelsea Peretti is also hilarious on Instagram/Twitter, she’s pretty much Gina anyway


Amanda Knox

We started watching Making a Murderer but couldn’t really get into it, I wasn’t really following the story and we just stopped watching it.  This however we watched and actually sat and talked about after, debating different theories. We sat talking about it with people at work, was she innocent or not, what a piece of work the ‘journalist’ Nick Pisa is, and it’s one of those things I would watch again to see if there’s something we missed the first time around


Gone Girl

I loved the book.  Read it over and over.  Then left it outside the one night it rained when we went to Spain! Even after reading the book and knowing what the twists were and knowing when to expect them, I still loved the film.  Ben came home one day towards the end and basically went ‘’erm….what the hell?’’  Little bit awkward!  I started watching Dark Places, also by Gillian Flynn but couldn’t get into it *insert sad face*



Ben’s dad got us into this one, I loved the first few series when it was easier to watch.  It was perfect lazy Sunday viewing and we’d power through a few episodes while sat in bed.  Then the last series it’s been a bit mind-screwy.  It’s still enjoyable viewing, but I definitely preferred the first series. 


Th1rteen R3asons Why

I read the Wikipedia article on this first, I didn’t intend on watching it, but couldn’t decide what to watch one Saturday night and that was the first thing that came up.  I said we’d watch a bit of it and then put a film on, we ended up watching all of the first episode and then carrying on.  I personally didn’t like the Hannah character to start with, she seemed incredibly manipulative and bitchy but she grows on you when you see all the shit she goes through.  It’s one of those shows you have to focus on a bit, there’s so many flashbacks and fades it gets confusing what time period you’re in if you stop paying attention. * I did a full blog post on this here*


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