DIY Wedding – Confetti

Most venues nowadays have a rule that you have to have biodegradable confetti or bubbles, which is fair enough – they don’t want bits of plastic lingering around after your celebrations are over, and you don’t want to be partying in the remnants of another wedding. 

The problem is, biodegradable confetti is so bloody expensive! You’re looking at around £12-£15 for a litre, I’ve spoken to eBay sellers who will charge that much and it turns out it’s only about 5 handfuls.  if you’re having a large wedding it soon adds up and at the end of the day it’s dead flowers! I started googling different ways of doing it yourself and found a thread that said about microwaving the petals…..figured it wouldn’t hurt to try so I went and bought a bunch of roses and tulips, and lo and behold it works! If you go to Tesco on a Sunday afternoon when all the flowers are reduced it works out cheaper, you’ll want to go for flowers that have pretty big petals because they shrivel up.  Word of warning – the petals don’t exactly smell pleasant after cooking!

I pulled the petals off and laid them out on a plate, then microwaved on high for 30 seconds, turned them over and did another 30 second blast.  The bigger petals needed a bit longer but the smaller ones went perfectly.  There’s a bit of moisture left over after so I just left them out to dry on some kitchen roll and then put them in an airtight box – apparently they last around 4 months so I’ll see how it goes! It’s a bit time consuming but I’d rather do that than spend another £70 on petals

IMG_3645   IMG_3647.JPG



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