Dealing with an absolutely horrendous mood

Last weekend I was in the foulest mood I’ve been in for a long time.  My cat had died, I was crying at everything (seriously, I looked at his bed and it was waterworks, I drove past the vets and cried) and I was just downright miserable.  Just what you want for a bank holiday weekend.  Oh and I was working the Monday as well, just to throw that one in there.

This post isn’t a “this is guaranteed to make you happy” because everyone has different ways of dealing with things, there’s no magic fix for everyone.  I don’t want it to be a patronising “chin up princess” post.  These are the things that help me and could help you.  This isn’t a list for when someone has pissed you off, it’s for when you’re feeling low.  Those days when the hormones are threatening to overwhelm you and you feel like you could cry at the slightest thing, trapped inside your brain with no signs of escape.  


Cry it out.  Sometimes you just need a good cry to start fresh.  Don’t worry about your makeup, just let it all out and ugly cry away. Wrap yourself up in your duvet, get comfortable and have a decent cry.   If your eyes are puffy or sting after get some cucumber slices or cotton pads soaked in cold water and sit for 5 minutes just letting everything calm down. 


I’m normally all for baths that last 2 hours with candles and bath bombs but when I’m in a crap mood showers are the only fix.  Baths let you sit there and think and lower your mood even further.  Showers are over and done with and it feels like you’ve actually done something productive with your time.  Shower, shave and moisturise.  Look after number 1 and make yourself feel sparkly again.


I sunk so many cups of coffee over the weekend. I don’t know if it was the caffeine hit or just the comfort of having a hot cup with me all the time, but it made me feel a bit more human. Yes I had no makeup on, I was in scruffy clothes with absolutely no motivation but my god that coffee helped.  It was like a mini task on Saturday morning, I didn’t want to do anything so I just got up, made coffee and went back to bed.  Yes it was something small but I succeeded

Happy music

The radio was playing some Adele song and it just made my mood plummet.  Normally I love Adele but I was already miserable, I didn’t need it adding to! Instead we went through all the different stations before selecting something that was at the very least positive, or had a good beat.  


Normally my diet is quite strict, but when you’re in a crap mood the last thing you want is a salad.  You want something comforting but don’t want to slog away over a hot oven for hours to achieve it.  This is where carbs come in.  Pizza that goes in the oven for 20 minutes? Beans on toast? Anything that doesn’t require much effort but will still fill you with carby goodness

Tidy up

Having an untidy room makes me uncomfortable.  My mum will laugh at that.  But if my room’s a mess I feel like everything else is.  I want a neat room so I feel like my head is a bit less cluttered.  Even just having a clear out of clothes and getting things neat makes me feel a bit more in control.  

Write it down

Even if you just have a note open on your phone, write down why you’re in a bad mood, or how you’re feeling.  Sometimes seeing it in black and white helps you compartmentalise 

Keep busy

I know, I know, I’m such a cliche.  We babysat our goddaughter and it helped SO much.  I don’t know whether or not it was the fact we were responsible for keeping a 9 month child occupied and happy, or it gave us something to do but we took her to the park and only stayed at home for a couple of hours.  The rest of the time we were out and about, keeping ourselves busy.  It was only after we’d taken her home that I felt my mood start to slip again so I pulled out my laptop and got busy scheduling and writing blog posts.

Do your own thing

Obviously I can’t tell you how to feel, or how long it’s going to take to feel ok again.  Do you.  If you need a few days to cry, don’t beat yourself up for it.  There isn’t a set amount of time you’re allowed to be in a bad mood for.  Lean on the people around you, let people help you.    You got this. 


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