Favourite websites to kill time on

I’m lucky with my job in that if it’s quiet we’re allowed to browse on the internet and sort of do our own thing. The only problem is there’s only so many times you can refresh the Daily Mail before you can recite the headlines so I’m always on the lookout for new sites.  These are my current favourites to read


One of the first blogs I started following, she’s so normal and it’s refreshing to see someone posting about mental health issues and eating disorders amongst hauls and vlogs


I first started following her when I saw The Girl in the Green Dress on Pinterest and started making some of her recipes. Her weight loss story is pretty inspiring stuff


The side bar of shame.  That is all 

www.buzzfeed.co.uk / www.metro.co.uk

Both of these I’ll just browse, maybe do the odd quiz to find out which Disney Princess I’d be based on my underwear that day or whatever crap they come up with this time!


I found this site when we first got engaged and it’s been so helpful, yes some of the brides are a bit brutal with their opinions but it can help to have someone who doesn’t know just give their completely honest take on things.  There’s of course the odd bridezilla on there which is entertaining


I found this blog recently through BlogLovin’ and it’s one of those ones I’ll keep going back to as it’s so relatable….maybe it’s the coffee aspect?!


I love finding new blogs and this is the easiest way of connecting with people who are in the same style as myself, yes I was about 291372 years late to the party with BlogLovin’ but I got there eventually!


It’s one of those sites where I’ll just have a quick look and then 10 minutes later my saved items are begging me to check my bank balance before clicking that checkout button


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