Let’s have a catch up

It’s now less than 8 weeks to The Big Day.  Stress hasn’t majorly kicked in yet but I did get a bit nervous the other night.  I was sat thinking about the table plan – that thing will legit be the death of me – and it hit me that I’m going to be walking down an aisle through all of these people. I’m not very good at being the centre of attention funnily enough and that thought did make my stomach drop a little bit.  Obviously my main concern for the day is that it all goes as smoothly as possible and I end up married to my best friend, but part of me does want to elope, just the two of us.  Thing is I know there are people who would never forgive us! 

My Etsy account is looking lovely and busy with transactions and it’s always nice to come home from work to another delivery, or another lot of RSVPs being returned.  I tend to order things and then put them to the back of my mind so when they arrive it’s like a little present to myself, until I realise it’s something for the parents or bridesmaids! All of the main things have been bought or paid off now so it’s just the little details left.  We got the cake topper through the post the other day, we were initially going to have a Star Wars one to go with the cake (I ‘let’ Ben choose the cake, it’s Star Wars but still in white so it’s a subtle nod to it) but then found one we preferred that still has our name on it.  It’s so strange to think I’ve had my last birthday as a Miss Rose, as of July 20th I’ll be celebrating as Mrs Pearse! Can’t wait until my blog name is finally accurate….

We’re starting to make the playlist for the cocktail hour and putting together a list for the DJ, little things like that make me so excited! I’ve got two weeks until my first hen night which I’m absolutely buzzing for.  I’ve been so spoiled with this, my lovely work girls have planned something for me – all I know is the date and time.  They’ve done such a good job of planning everything without me having even a hint of an idea, other than to wear a white dress.  I’m beyond lucky that I’ve got a job where it is actually like a big family and they just go above and beyond to make sure I have an amazing time which I’m stupidly grateful for, albeit slightly nervous for whatever it is they have planned! Obviously I’ll do a post after as a recap, I’m sure there will be plenty of pictures and stories to tell.  Ben had his stag do in April and went to Dublin but has one planned here in June for the people that couldn’t go which he’s really excited for.

I’m now starting the honeymoon shopping, although the struggle is real when you’re 5”3 and every maxi dress you even look at would need taking up a good few inches!  We’re going to Turkey for a week straight after the wedding so it’s going to be absolutely boiling and I want to be comfortable in the evenings. I’ve been doing an almost daily sweep of Asos, Missguided and Boohoo…. On the other hand I also keep going back to Primarks unicorn pool float and having an internal debate over whether or not it’s worth buying….it’s £10 for an inflatable unicorn so I can’t see what’s wrong, but I also get terrible buyer’s guilt so?!?! 

I’ve finished binge watching Th1rteen R3asons Why for the second time and I’ve gone through every episode of How I Met Your Mother, Brooklyn 99 and Big Bang Theory that is on Netflix so I’m looking for some more recommendations to make the time pass a bit more quickly.  


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