When we stand together

So last week one of the girls at work made some gorgeous chocolate fudge and was handing it out to everyone.  Someone made a comment on how disciplined I am with what I eat when I had one small piece and how can I resist things like that? Simple.  I know if I eat crap, … Continue reading When we stand together


Date night ideas

Saving for the wedding has made us have to be very frugal - I’m not complaining, it means we get the day we want in the long run, but sometimes it does get a bit annoying! We try and have a date night once a month, we’re living with my parents while we save so … Continue reading Date night ideas

Dear Instagram,

You little minx, you.  Trapping us with your ability to provide instant gratification and validation in the forms of little hearts and followers.  I have such a love/hate relationship with Instagram and by the looks of, I’m not alone.  It’s somewhere to put our memories, somewhere we can look back on and remember a time … Continue reading Dear Instagram,