When we stand together

So last week one of the girls at work made some gorgeous chocolate fudge and was handing it out to everyone.  Someone made a comment on how disciplined I am with what I eat when I had one small piece and how can I resist things like that? Simple.  I know if I eat crap, … Continue reading When we stand together


Date night ideas

Saving for the wedding has made us have to be very frugal - I’m not complaining, it means we get the day we want in the long run, but sometimes it does get a bit annoying! We try and have a date night once a month, we’re living with my parents while we save so … Continue reading Date night ideas

Things you should do every day

Now I’m not writing this to be patronising.  I’m not some lifestyle guru who has their shit together. There’s days where I can’t remember my name let alone tell other people what to do with their lives.  This is just a list of things to do that will make your average day into a slightly … Continue reading Things you should do every day


20 Things that happen when the sun comes out in England

We’re not a nation of sun worshippers.  Let’s be real, our transport systems cannot cope with any form of extreme weather - the slightest hint of snow and the rails close down, sunshine and the roads start melting! We’re a very traditional bunch, accepting that rain is a frequent thing and when it doesn’t appear … Continue reading 20 Things that happen when the sun comes out in England


Dear Instagram,

You little minx, you.  Trapping us with your ability to provide instant gratification and validation in the forms of little hearts and followers.  I have such a love/hate relationship with Instagram and by the looks of, I’m not alone.  It’s somewhere to put our memories, somewhere we can look back on and remember a time … Continue reading Dear Instagram,


20 quotes to get you through a crap day

When I was in year 8 it was ALL about what your personal message was on MSN.  Then it was your MySpace status, then Bebo, then Facebook.  We were a cute lil’ sociable generation….When a friend had annoyed you,  being a passive aggressive 13 year old who couldn’t be tamed, you could have spoken to … Continue reading 20 quotes to get you through a crap day


40 Timeless Tips

Over the years I've picked up various tips from friends, family, YouTube, Instagram and blogs. Admittedly I wish I'd learned them a long time ago but heyho!  Always moisturise before putting on any makeup, it'll give a better base for it to cling to Putting shimmery eyeshadow in the centre of your lips makes them … Continue reading 40 Timeless Tips