So about my hen night….

OH. MY. GOD. My work girls went above and beyond and I can literally never thank them enough! This time last year I didn’t even think I would be getting a hen night (I was working in a scrap yard office on an all male team and the word ‘wedding’ was banned because someone’s wife had threatened divorce and it was a sensitive issue…..) then I quit that delightful place and took on a new family instead. 


So Liv and Yas organised the night, Liv sits next to me and Yas behind so some days it was an absolute nightmare for them! Discussing everything while I was in earshot, or sending emails to everyone in the office but me, I was frequently told I ‘definitely needed’ to go and talk to Ben who works on the other side of the office. To their credit I never once heard anything and even if I did I wouldn’t have been able to guess the plan. Ben of course tried to wind me up for SO long about it, they were all trying to throw me off any ideas. For example I was told;

  • We’re going camping
  • Boat party
  • Paintball
  • Going to church
  • Hiking trip
  • Kayaking

I never let it phase me – I’m marrying the worlds biggest wind up merchant so I’m used to it by now! I think they were mildly disappointed that I didn’t rise to it… 

On the day I knew we were going to Westbourne but there’s so many potential places there I still had no clue. I got ready with Emily and went into town where we were told to go for a quick drink because they needed a bit more time. We then walked round through the arcade and stopped off at little shops on the way so I thought nothing of it when we walked into a tea room and a little old lady said ‘enjoy your party’ as we went downstairs. Confused didn’t even cover it. There was a little set of curtains, went through it and they were all sat waiting with glasses of prosecco and we were in the smallest cinema in the UK. They’d had so many secret conversations with me that I hadn’t registered and got my favourite Disney film playing (Aladdin) we all had Disney ears, blankets and prosecco. They started off the drinking games, they each had a ‘fact’ and I had to decide if it was true or not, if I was right they had to drink, if I was wrong it was my drink. Then we started the film, got our popcorn and all had a big singalong to friend like me and a whole new world (obviously!)


After the film we went back upstairs for dinner and ice cream before moving on to Camden which is one of my favourite bars around here. That was where it started getting a bit lethal. I found 4 shots of archers in front of me and a mojito with yas saying right…quiz time. I had a set of questions that they’d asked Ben and I had to get the answers right or do the shots. I got the majority right, when I spoke to Ben about the ones I’d got wrong it turns out he’d put what I said as his first answer then changed his mind! After a while we got a taxi into Bournemouth and went to Slug & Lettuce which  does the BEST pina coladas. We had a load of balloons on the table along with helium princess balloons from the cinema so of course we all turned into massive children. There’s a lot of videos of us all saying very questionable things and lots of high pitched giggles. That was when Never Have I Ever started and it all started off very innocently (as it always does) before rapidly descending into chaos. There was a stag group next to us who looked incredibly bored and we were going to the Hilton next and figured we wouldn’t be able to take the balloons (boo!) so gave them to this group. 


We went to the Hilton for I think around 20 minutes because our table wasn’t ready and wasn’t going to be for a while so went on to the Lost Gardens. I for some reason thought I was at Eden so asked Ben to pick me up from there…turns out that was a bit of a walk away!

Sunday morning was an absolute write off. I woke up at 6am and ended up laid on my bathroom floor for a good 20 minutes because the floor was cold and the room was spinning. It wasn’t my best look. I phoned Ben asking him to get me some water and painkillers, went back to bed and it took ages to even turn over because my head hurt so much! I could turn a fraction then wait for the head spinning to pass, then turn again, then wait again…. after a couple of hours I felt better but still spent the rest of the day in pjs and feeling lazy. I went in to work on Monday morning and we’d all decided on Saturday night we’d wear our ears in, I didn’t expect anyone else to do it but they all did and we all sat with Disney ears getting some very strange looks from the blokes in the office!



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