40 Timeless Tips

Over the years I’ve picked up various tips from friends, family, YouTube, Instagram and blogs. Admittedly I wish I’d learned them a long time ago but heyho! 

Always moisturise before putting on any makeup, it’ll give a better base for it to cling to

Putting shimmery eyeshadow in the centre of your lips makes them look bigger

Use baby oil to remove eye makeup, it’ll remove it without effort and help your lashes grow

Use clear mascara as a cheap alternative to brow gel

Only use conditioner on the ends of your hair

No primer? Use concealer on your eyelids to make everything ‘stick’

Mix your foundation with your primer to give an even coverage

Exfoliate before wearing any lipstick

Always finish washing your hair with cold water to close the hair cuticle

Dampen your beauty blender or sponge before applying makeup, it’ll stop it absorbing as much and make the application smoother

Use conditioner as shaving cream to moisturise at the same time

It’s never too early to start using eye creams

Use your ring finger to apply concealer/foundation around your eyes as it has the least pressure for the delicate skin

Pluck your eyebrows right after a bath/shower, the steam will open the pores and make it less painful 

Avoid doing your makeup stood directly under a light

Don’t pump your mascara wand, it’ll introduce air into the tube and dry it out

Dry shampoo isn’t just for lazy days, it’ll add volume to your hair whenever

Put your moisturiser or foundation in the fridge for a nice refreshing wake up 

If you have dark hair and need to cover up a bit of regrowth then use a dark eyeshadow just to cover it over

Go through your makeup regularly to clear out things you no longer use or have expired 

If you shower before bed, braid your hair and you’ll wake up to effortless waves, rather than a frizzy mess

Match your lipstick to your blusher for a soft daytime look

Put a dab of highlight below the arch of your brows for an instant lift

Try to limit heat damage to your hair and only blow dry it when you have to

Use hair oil to fight frizz and dryness

Use cotton buds with nail polish remover to clean up any mistakes after painting your nails

Put on a thick layer of moisturiser on your feet before bed along with a fresh pair of socks to wake up to soft feet 

Always do your makeup facing a window to get as much natural light as possible

Heat your eyelash curlers for a few seconds with a hairdryer to give your lashes a better curl that will hold – obviously making sure it’s not too hot!

Don’t wash your hair every day, easier said than done but it’ll just end up greasy

Line your waterline with either a nude or white colour to make you appear more awake

Exfoliate before using a fake tan to avoid a patchy look

Sudocrem on spots helps to clear them up

Peppermint tea helps with bloating, 1 cup of that in the morning and 1 green tea at night

Don’t do one thick layer of makeup if you need it to last – layer up with thin amounts

Invest in your skincare instead of makeup.  If the base is good, you won’t need as much coverage

If you need to strip a temporary hair dye out wash it with washing up liquid but condition the hell out of it after

Turn any lipstick matte using a tissue and translucent powder over the top 

Make a body scrub out of olive oil and sugar to leave you skin silky smooth

Substitute a brown eyeshadow for bronzer if you run out, just blend!

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