Dear Instagram,

You little minx, you.  Trapping us with your ability to provide instant gratification and validation in the forms of little hearts and followers.  I have such a love/hate relationship with Instagram and by the looks of, I’m not alone.  It’s somewhere to put our memories, somewhere we can look back on and remember a time when a picture really was worth a thousand words.  But nowadays it just seems a bit….hard work?  I don’t feel like I can just snap a picture and upload it.  To “keep up with everyone” it has to be filtered, edited and a proper caption added, and that’s before the mountain of hashtags to make sure it sneaks through the algorithm and actually gets seen.

When Instagram first came about it was to be used as a tool to capture the moment.  Take a picture of the moment you’re in, add a simple filter and you’re off.  Now brands are utilising it to engage new targets and attract new viewers.  I still love Instagram but it just feels like another job to take the right picture and engage with accounts properly.  It’s difficult enough to grow a blog following, let alone an instagram/bloglovin/pinterest/twitter following and maintain all of those accounts.

The thing with Instagram is it’s almost too perfect now.  I can’t log onto my feed without feeling a little bit crap.  A bit crap about my hair, my body, my clothes, my photography – everything is scrutinised. My Instagram doesn’t have a theme, does that make me a crap instagrammer/blogger? No.  It makes me human.  I don’t want to have pictures that I want to share with people but can’t because it doesn’t fit my theme.  So on my Instagram yes you’ll find certain pictures do have a “feel” to them, but then the next picture will be my cat or my socks that day.  

However it’s like an addiction.  When you see those followers or like numbers going up, it’s difficult to stop.  To close the app and put the phone down and just walk away for a bit.  I’ll admit I have a habit of posting a picture then checking my phone every 5 minutes to see if it’s got enough likes yet or if I’ve gained any followers.  I’m not exactly Kylie Jenner level – I would never delete then repost if something didn’t get enough likes.  But I am incredibly mindful of what I post, what time of day I post it and what hashtags I use….

So Instagram, I’ll keep using you and documenting my memories (as boring as they sometimes are) and I’ll keep coming back but I’m not going to stress myself out over how many likes or followers I have.  After all, it is just an app


4 thoughts on “Dear Instagram,

    • sophiepearse17 says:

      It’s like there’s some stigma around just taking a picture for the sake of a picture now, it has to have a full message behind it or be done for a reason. Totally agree that we just continue to do it!


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