Date night ideas

Saving for the wedding has made us have to be very frugal – I’m not complaining, it means we get the day we want in the long run, but sometimes it does get a bit annoying! We try and have a date night once a month, we’re living with my parents while we save so it’s important that we get some time to ourselves, just us two with no wedding talk allowed and no phones

Dine In

We tried the Marks & Spencer dine in (2 for £10) but definitely prefer the Tesco version!  This one’s normally when my parents are out, we can take over the kitchen, bung it in the oven and watch a film knowing we don’t have to do any prep other than get plates ready.  Yes it’s not ideal on the old calorie front, but it’s date night so nobody’s counting!  We’ve done it before where we didn’t get the alcoholic drink and ended up getting a six pack of coke bottles with the deal instead, we’ve found there’s more choice with Tesco and more things we actually like.


We’re lucky that we live a 15 minute drive from Sandbanks, in my opinion one of the nicest beaches around.  It’s nice to just go to the beach in the evening and just sit in the peace and quiet.  If you take blankets with you, or get some chips from the local takeaway it’s a cheap night and I always love being by the sea

Museum trip

When we went to Normandy a couple of years ago we went to different museums every day, Ben’s a massive WW2 fan and I have to admit I came away from it feeling like I actually learned a lot.  It wasn’t exactly ‘’date night’’ more like ‘’date week’’ but it was nice to do something that involved one of his hobbies and I found myself enjoying it more than I thought I would.  Walking around the different museums made us talk pretty much constantly, he would be telling me little facts or telling me what movie was filmed on what bit of beach we were stood on and it was so nice to see him talking about something he’s really passionate about.

Work out

It sounds weird – get sweaty and disgusting as a date idea?!  We go to the gym together every day before work, it’s not my favourite because I hate mornings with a burning passion, and we used to go in the evenings.  I was absolutely terrified the first time I went and basically followed him around like a puppy but it gave us both a laugh and something to focus on.  He saw me at my worst. No make up, hair scraped back, sweat pouring….and yet he’s still marrying me!

Go to the zoo/local conservation

About an hour away from us is Monkey World and I absolutely love it there.  Its close enough that we can have a full day out while helping a local charity.  It’s one of those places you could walk around all day and see something new each time.  *I generally don’t agree with zoos as I don’t agree with animals being caged up, but with Monkey World they’re rehabilitating monkeys that have been mistreated and rescued, to release them back into the wild when they’re ready. *


Throughout the summer there’s a free firework display by us every week. It makes for a cheap night out and all we have to do is pay for parking. They can be seen on the quay, through a park and on the beach so there’s plenty of options to choose from!  Check your local area to see if there’s any free displays around, bundle up and get out for a couple of hours. 


Literally type into Pinterest ‘’free date ideas’’ or ‘’cheap date ideas’’ and SO many things come up, you’re spoilt for choice and you don’t have to spend a tonne of money to have a good night. 


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