Vendor spotlight – Liza Edgington

*the featured image is from Liza’s Facebook page and shows just some of her gorgeous work*

Our photographer is lovely.  That’s pretty much all there is to it! She’s probably the only vendor I’ve felt comfortable with immediately which is always a good quality to have in your photographer.  We bonded over a shared love of photography and both being relatively new to the wedding industry.  

I’ve said previously we weren’t that bothered about having a photographer for the wedding because everyone has cameras on their phones nowadays and we’d get hundreds of photos from people anyway.  I got a leaflet from Parley Manor with their list of preferred suppliers and I figured I’d check them out, there was no harm in getting prices!  Liza came back with a ridiculously good price and so we met for coffee to look over her work and see how we got along.  I’ll admit I was a little bit worried, she was the first proper vendor we’d met with and I didn’t know how to go about it, when you’ve never planned a wedding how do you know what to do?!

Luckily Liza was prepared with photo albums, price lists, notepads and all the answers to my questions.  She showed us her work and everything was flawless.  We worked out what we needed from her and she gave us a price. Then she really shocked me.  She didn’t want us to feel any pressure into hiring her and told me to look at other photographers first to see if there was anyone we preferred because she didn’t want us to feel we had to go with her!  This struck me because in my *limited* experience and reading wedding forums, vendors were always trying to push you to book with them, and here was one telling us to shop around?! We went home and discussed it, worked out the budget and booked Liza a couple of days later.  I’m so glad we did because not long after she won Dorset wedding award for best photographer!

We met her again on the venues open day with my parents in tow, she acknowledged me and Ben by name and brought up things we’d spoken about almost a year ago. It really showed her attention to detail and made me realise she actually cares about her couples, they’re not just paying customers, they’re people she becomes invested with and actually cares about.  She stood speaking with my mum for a while, showing her work and explaining what she would be doing on the day, I think it put her mind at ease a bit because she could see how good the pictures were and how much Liza cares about her job.  We then met with her again for coffee to go through the general timelines and what sort of photos we want on the day.  She didn’t push us towards anything, it was all very much led by us with just a couple of gentle nudges to what would photograph well etc. She wrote down everything we discussed and acknowledged some of the more ‘out there’ ideas.

In all honesty I’m already impatient to see what she does with our wedding photos and I can’t wait to get them!  I’ve happily recommended her to friends and family and I’m looking forward to working with her again in the future.

Please check out her website here and her Facebook here


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