I’m getting married tomorrow!

I was never the girl who’s been planning her wedding since she was 7.  I never thought I would be getting married at 23, I thought I’d be the crazy cat lady who’s 80 and has 4357 cats instead! And then I met Ben

We decided pretty early on that that was it, we were getting married and that was the end goal.  I can’t remember how long we’d been together but I know it really wasn’t long.  We were at his Gran’s in Nottingham for the weekend and he just turned to me and said we’re going shopping tomorrow, we’re getting a ring. I didn’t think he was being serious because we’d talked about it so much but it always seemed quite far in the future.  So imagine my surprise when Monday morning rolls around and he drags me out of bed to go shopping!  We went into a few stores before finding The One and luckily they had it in stock in my size so I didn’t have to wait for any orders or re-sizing, we could take it home there and then. That was when he dropped the “you can’t have it yet.” He took it in to work and showed everyone but said he was going to make me wait before actually proposing.  He called his Gran and said the next time we saw her we’d have some news – side note she immediately assumed I was pregnant! We were going up again that weekend so I knew he had a few days to do it in, then we went for a meal where we had our first date, came home and were sat in the garden in pjs and hoody of all things! And yes, he did get on one knee

The planning process started as a bit of a whirlwind, I’m the first of my friend circle to get married so I didn’t really have anyone to get advice from.  My parents have been married for years so weddings have changed a fair bit since they did it! When I started at my current job the interview was pretty much just discussing wedding plans for the first 10 minutes because my manager was getting married in a few weeks time.  Since working there she’s massively helped me out with various things, even though her wedding was in Greece it’s the same process so she was giving me little things to remember to do for the day.   It still doesn’t feel “real” even though everything is sorted and it’s actually happening. I’ve been obsessively checking the weather for the day even though I know it’s the one thing we have no control over.

I wasn’t nervous until this morning when we had our rehearsal…then the butterflies kicked in!  The weather was awful last night and our wedding is outside so I was worrying about that.  Our venue co-ordinator is absolutely lovely, we’ve only spoken over email until today but she’s the sort of person I felt like I’d known for years and completely put me at ease with the plans for tomorrow.

Mad to think my next blog post will be as Mrs Pearse and my blog name will finally be correct!


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