Introducing Mr & Mrs Pearse

We did it! Our Big Day went absolutely perfectly! I didn’t want this to necessarily be a ‘wedding blog’ but all my posts recently have been about it – can’t help that, I’ve just been incredibly excited….

My best friend woke me up with a text at 6.30am saying “Starbucks is open, do you want coffee?” So the day was already off to a brilliant start.  She appeared at 7.30 holding a massive coffee and went off to the venue to help set up.  Hair started at 9.30am, sitting in rollers while bridesmaids arrived wasn’t my most glamorous look but the prosecco definitely helped the butterflies that were kicking in.  It didn’t feel real – it still doesn’t in all honesty.  Our photographer arrived around 11 to start the pictures and get everyone’s reactions to my beautiful dress.  I hadn’t told the bridesmaids I’d swapped their 30ft limo for the A Team van so Liza got some amazing pictures of their reactions when that pulled up outside! 


The rest of the day went by in an absolute whirlwind, I know everyone always says it goes by so quickly you don’t have time to think, and I was always a bit yeah ok we’ll see….it flew by.  One minute I’m sat having my hair done, then it’s makeup, then back to finish the hair, then I’m getting changed, then I’m in the car and next I’m at the top of the aisle about to see my best friend and his reaction.  I will literally never forget his face when he first saw me and my nerves just melted away.  We did our vows (I may have tripped up a bit but we laughed and carried on) and then that was it! We were officially Mr & Mrs Pearse, being announced to all our family and friends. 


The reception was amazing, we had a casino, sweet table, disco and bouncy castle.  Our venue manager said the best thing he’d seen all day was the instant the bouncy castle was ready I was the one kicking my heels off and being first on it!  Everyone had said to me oh you’ll be far too busy to get on the bouncy castle and I’d always said nope I’m going to be first on it and having a ball! We were picked up at midnight and taken to the Hilton in Bournemouth where they said they were 96% full but were looking to upgrade us – we were so tired we said thanks but no thanks, we just want to sleep….probably the first people to ever turn down being upgraded there!  They took us up to our room with a bottle of champagne and then said the kitchens are 24 hours, and appeared 15 minutes later with complimentary pizza…married perks are the best! We asked about breakfast in the morning and they said nope, all complimentary, just go down and it’s all sorted for you as well.  The room itself was lovely, just sank into the pillows and crashed out.  


Our photographer has sent us through a sneaky preview and everyone else has been sending their pictures to us, but I’m now Mrs Pearse and my blog name is finally correct!


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