Things everyone secretly loves about coming home

You’ve spammed your Instagram page for the last two weeks full of hot dog legs, cocktails, sunsets and swimming pools.  Only now it’s time to come home, unload your suitcase – that one will take a few months realistically – do your washing and try to motivate yourself back into work.  The thing is there are a few things we secretly love about coming home after a holiday, even if we wouldn’t admit to them.

The first cup of actual tea, with proper teabags and proper milk.  Not those little cartons with plastic lids that pretend to be milk, other places just can’t do a cup of tea properly can they?

Having your own bed.  Your own pillows and duvet, not some strange synthetic feeling sheets because it’s too hot to actually sleep comfortably.  Being able to make yourself into a burrito of warmth rather than sleeping on the cold floor.  And yes I have done that one.  

Being able to watch TV shows without subtitles, or just repeats of the exact same football match over and over.  All the shows you recorded, Netflix, your dvd collection – all there waiting for you

Having proper internet access so you don’t have to either rinse your data, get a massive bill or pay £5 a day for some dodgy connection.  It’s the little things in life you don’t appreciate….

Post.  Coming back to piles of post and thinking how wonderfully popular you are.  Until you realise it’s all bills and credit card offers from banks you have nothing to do with. 

Being back in your own time zone.  Not having to add on an hour or two and then confuse yourself over whether or not it is too early to start drinking

Not having to drink water out of a bottle all the time.  Being able to just go to the tap and chug a glass after a night out rather than run to the shop for a 2 euro bottle that will be lukewarm.  

Having all your own clothes/shoes/makeup rather than living out of a suitcase.  There’s always that one dress you wish you’d packed but left behind on your bed. 

Feeling like you’re just discovering the world again, there’s so many memes and videos that have been shared in your internet absence! It’s like starting all over again

Having access to your favourite brands.  Yes the menu abroad may say Heinz beans but you know differently.  You know the actual taste.  You don’t want to sound like a snob but you can just tell…..

Being back to normal routine with your meals.  There’s only so many times you can have an English breakfast or plate of melon without wanting to throw up at the sight of it


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