Recipe – Diet Pepsi Chicken

This is a recipe from slimming world I've changed slightly and batch cook on a Sunday to last me the whole week. I used to get funny looks when I said it had a can of pepsi in it but you can't really taste it, there's one recipe that uses Fanta instead which I haven't … Continue reading Recipe – Diet Pepsi Chicken


The little details

One thing I wanted with our wedding was for it to be personal to us.  I didn’t want a generic cookie cutter style wedding, so I was thinking of little things to add to it.  Things people wouldn’t necessarily see or immediately notice, but Ben and I would know about them. The keyrings I ordered … Continue reading The little details

Recipe – Overnight Oats

I'm not the best morning person in the world.  I've got better but there's days where Ben's literally dragging me out of bed because I've slept through 3 alarms.  With that I very rarely had breakfast, and was constantly skipping eating anything in favour of an extra 20 minutes in bed.  When I first started … Continue reading Recipe – Overnight Oats


14 signs you’re nailing being an adult

You slow cook things. On purpose. Not because you got drunk and fell asleep with the oven on.  You've got a credit card  and you're making payments on time every month.... even if they are only for £50.  You have stamps in your purse. Well you did that one time, but it still counts Going … Continue reading 14 signs you’re nailing being an adult


Starting Again

So yesterday morning I weighed myself for the first time in a couple of months. I'll start by saying I haven't been anywhere near as good as I have been before the wedding! In the days before I got really paranoid my dress wouldn't fit and watched what I ate like a hawk.  Spoiler; dress was too big for me on … Continue reading Starting Again


Things I wish I’d known before I started wedding planning

Everyone will have an opinion on your wedding.  They don’t like the invites, they think you should have a band not a DJ, they think you should have a certain theme, they think this person should be invited….it goes on.  You’ll learn to block out opinions after a while and just go with your gut.  … Continue reading Things I wish I’d known before I started wedding planning


And so it begins

"So when's the baby?!" I've genuinely lost count how many times I've been asked when we're growing our family since we got engaged.  When we first got engaged a few peoples automatic reactions were that I was pregnant, or a baby was going to be making an appearance very soon.  We both wanted to get married first, I wanted … Continue reading And so it begins