Our Honeymoon

We booked a week at The Commodore Elite Suites & Spa in Manavgat. We went all out on 5* all inclusive because we figured it’s the only time in our lives we’ll justify it as our honeymoon. When we were looking at different hotels and saw this one had a whirlpool suite I sarcastically said “ooh go on then we’ll lounge about in our whirlpool suite” then it became a good idea…


Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t me doing some weird humble brag, it was hard. I worked nights at a bar in town clearing glasses and selling jagerbombs to piss drunk students and stag groups, we both saved our asses off and had to skip out on a lot of things so we could have the day and the honeymoon we wanted. There was nights I was standing around at 2am waiting for Ben to pick me up, surrounded by staggering blokes shouting at me where I thought ‘why on earth am I bothering?!’ As soon as we got to our hotel I realised it was all worth it. 

20597178_1992797964284545_6568503651445268214_n.jpgThat jacuzzi was hands down the best thing we did.  Finish a day down the pool, go for dinner then come back and sit in the jacuzzi on the balcony with a few drinks and chill.  We realised there was a mini bottle of bubble bath and so on our last night we put that in and turned the jets on which was just hilarious! We came back feeling completely recharged, it was only a week but it was the most relaxed we’ve been in a long time.


The driver we had for the trip up to Gatwick commented that it was rare for couples to go on a honeymoon straight after their wedding these days which I hadn’t realised.  We had a couple of days after the wedding where we went and bought things we still needed, got packed and saw family who had travelled over for it and then left on Saturday night at 1.30am.  It was a ridiculously long few days, we woke up Saturday morning and went to bed on Sunday night, I tried napping in the car, airport, flight and coach but it just wasn’t happening at all! 


When we got to our hotel we were greeted with champagne and then shown to our room which had been done up for us and another bottle of champagne on ice waiting!  We’d read a review that commented about a mirror…. It was above the bed.  Incredibly odd for the first couple of days, waking up and just seeing yourself stare down at you! In all honesty there isn’t a lot to write about, we practically did nothing for the whole holiday other than sit around by the pool and drink cocktails.  We went into the markets just down the road a couple of times but we were aware we were only there for a week so didn’t do any day trips etc.  (Did however get some absolute bargains in those shops though)


There was one night I may have had a tiny bit too much gin.  We had the same waiter every night and he would bring our drinks over as soon as we walked into the restaurant as well as refills without us asking.  (We also had another in the morning who would bring my coffee over as soon as we came in) On this particular night I asked if he was trying to get us drunk, he laughed and said of course –  that’s my job.  I had 3 gin and tonics with dinner and we were definitely on holiday measures!  When I get drunk I don’t feel it anywhere except my eyes, they feel weirdly heavy and it’s like I can feel them moving around….we went to the bar inside and got a couple more drinks to take up to the room and I went to the shop in the hotel and bought a nail varnish.   There’s a slight chance I spent the next 10 minutes trying to remember what it was I’d just bought! We sat out on the balcony just drinking, chilling and listening to music then went to bed.  Different story at 2.30am when I was wide awake and decided that if I was then Ben had to be as well.  In some absolute miracle I woke up fine and raring to go.


Our return trip was absolutely horrendous.  We got a 30 minute time slot for the coach to collect us from the hotel which turned up late.  We got to Antalya airport which is a military airport and had the initial security scan as soon as you get through the doors.  You’re then sent through another set of scanners, then to the check in desk where a group of guys in front of us were each 15kgs over their luggage allowance and were complaining about that.  After queuing there for half an hour we went through another set of scanners, then had to queue at passport control for another half hour.  We had literally 15 minutes after that to get food, drinks, go to the toilet and get to the gate which was the other end of the airport.  After that it was yet more scans and security checks, pat downs and questions about who had packed our luggage.  There were a few people having iPads taken off of them (you’re told as soon as you get on the coach, then at the airport, then going through security that you cannot take tablets or iPads as carry on) and being loaded into the hold.  This was literally 10ft after being asked if they had any tablets etc on them and saying no…. We were still in the queue to the departure gate when the flight was due to take off.  When we eventually got on board the pilot came over the speakers and said we’d missed the chance for take off so had to wait another hour before getting a new slot.  It was 39 degrees and they couldn’t have doors open for security reasons – it was a fun day!  We landed back at Gatwick an hour late, to 17 degrees and rain.  Nothing quite like that to make you have a massive holiday comedown!


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