11 Things we secretly miss about sixth form

I spent three years at sixth form, I changed course three times and basically only did the final course the whole way through otherwise I’d be stuck there forever! I started off on BTEC sport then went onto ICT and finally settled on art and photography.  This lead to me being the oldest person at sixth form, there was one other person and we were both doing the same course. It meant we could go out with friends on the Sunday night and turn up Monday morning usually still hungover but the tutors couldn’t actually stop us. 

  1. The teachers had a bit more respect because you’ve actually chosen to do their course rather than having to because it’s on the curriculum
  2. You could actually leave the building during lunch, usually to go to the shop
  3. It was acceptable to make cups of tea and coffee before your lessons, then sit clutching a warm mug while pretending you were somewhere else
  4. Having free periods meaning you could go home or shopping
  5. And “forget” to go back to the lesson after
  6. Friends at sixth form having cars, meaning trip to the shops at 11am? Of course!  Coffee at 2pm? Off we go!
  7. Coming in after a night out and sitting giggling in the corner because being drunk while technically at school? It’s actually really fun.
  8. Avoiding the microwave because god only knows what was put in that 3 years ago and never cleaned, and the fridge was a biohazard in it’s own right, but having somewhere to actually go between the lessons when there wasn’t time to go home
  9. Having a lesson at 10am then nothing again until 2pm, meaning lie in and early finish for you
  10. Being able to bring your own laptop in, not having to rely on the shitty old computers that the rest of the school were using
  11. Downloading Skype for your laptops, despite being in the same room as everyone you were friends with on it

2 thoughts on “11 Things we secretly miss about sixth form

  1. Diana says:

    This post is great, I’d forgotten how good sixth form could be, being able to leave whenever you had free time was great, I always cleared off home as I lived 10 mins from the college back then, it all seems so long ago now lol.

    Thanks for sharing


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