Review – Sleepy Lotion

Like many people, I saw the reviews for Lush's Sleepy lotion.  My sister in law had it and said how amazing it was and I figured I had nothing to lose, she has an 11 month old and obviously has to grab as much sleep as possible.  There's a Lush store by my work so … Continue reading Review – Sleepy Lotion


The Seven Deadly Sins

I got this from the lovely go & check out her page and spread the love!   1. GREED: What is your most inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive? My most inexpensive would have to be the MUA powder, £1 a go and it stays pretty well all day.  My most expensive that I … Continue reading The Seven Deadly Sins

Ideas for ‘Me Time’

Yes life's all fun and games, but some days you just want to be anti social and have some me time.  It's not selfish, it's healthy! Mani/pedis Get your makeup done either at a counter or professionally  Go to the cinema - maybe there's a film you really want to see but your partner doesn't. … Continue reading Ideas for ‘Me Time’


40 Timeless Tips

Over the years I've picked up various tips from friends, family, YouTube, Instagram and blogs. Admittedly I wish I'd learned them a long time ago but heyho!  Always moisturise before putting on any makeup, it'll give a better base for it to cling to Putting shimmery eyeshadow in the centre of your lips makes them … Continue reading 40 Timeless Tips


30 Makeup Questions

Do you remember your first makeup item? Miss sporty liquid eyeliner, can’t remember what was called but it had a blue lid and started a 10 year long love of cat eyes Describe your perfect mascara? Separates, thickens, curls, lasts all day - I don’t want much! What kind of coverage do you prefer from a … Continue reading 30 Makeup Questions