My favourite posts

I've been blogging for 8 months now (seriously though, where has this year gone?!) Sometimes it’s nice to look back at what I’ve written previously.  I’ve always said I blog mainly for myself, and if other people read it that’s a winner! These are my favourite posts since I started Things I wish I'd known … Continue reading My favourite posts


My ‘Oh shit” Kit

No matter how organised you are for your wedding, there's bound to be something that goes wrong.  Half an hour into our reception someone stood on the back of my dress and I felt something rip....cue massive panic followed by me running up to my mum clutching my back saying "my bloody dress!" Turns out … Continue reading My ‘Oh shit” Kit

Getting married “young”

I’m 23, Ben’s 27. Personally I wouldn't say we're that young to be getting married but SO many comments have come flying about how we are....I’m at that point in my life where half my friends are having kids and buying houses, and the other half are passed out in a gutter every Friday and … Continue reading Getting married “young”


Dear Instagram,

You little minx, you.  Trapping us with your ability to provide instant gratification and validation in the forms of little hearts and followers.  I have such a love/hate relationship with Instagram and by the looks of, I’m not alone.  It’s somewhere to put our memories, somewhere we can look back on and remember a time … Continue reading Dear Instagram,


20 quotes to get you through a crap day

When I was in year 8 it was ALL about what your personal message was on MSN.  Then it was your MySpace status, then Bebo, then Facebook.  We were a cute lil’ sociable generation….When a friend had annoyed you,  being a passive aggressive 13 year old who couldn’t be tamed, you could have spoken to … Continue reading 20 quotes to get you through a crap day


40 Timeless Tips

Over the years I've picked up various tips from friends, family, YouTube, Instagram and blogs. Admittedly I wish I'd learned them a long time ago but heyho!  Always moisturise before putting on any makeup, it'll give a better base for it to cling to Putting shimmery eyeshadow in the centre of your lips makes them … Continue reading 40 Timeless Tips


Want To Find New Blogs?

The lovely nominated me for the Liebster Award and I think it’s an amazing thing, to find new blogs and give others the chance to ‘get to know you’ just with a few tags! Liebster Award rules – 1) Answer the 11 questions that your nominator has asked you. 2) Nominate 5-11 other bloggers. … Continue reading Want To Find New Blogs?