Self Care

How often do you make yourself a priority?  How often do you actually step back and take a minute to yourself and just chill?  I’m one of those people that has all the good intentions of having an evening to myself, having a bath with a nice candle and a good book, but it so … Continue reading Self Care


How to plan a wedding without getting into debt

I'll always be proud of the fact that Ben and I paid for our wedding ourselves without using credit cards or overdrafts.  Our logic was if we pay for it, it's our decisions.  There's always that risk with weddings that if someone else offers to pay, they then get to say who's invited or what … Continue reading How to plan a wedding without getting into debt

My Gym Playlist

My music taste varies from “you need to hear this song” to “please don’t judge me….”  I have to have my music on when I’m at the gym, there’s nothing worse than getting there and realising I don’t have my headphones, or my battery’s died.  I’ve done it a couple of times before and definitely … Continue reading My Gym Playlist