Post wedding blues and what happens next

It’s been 3 months since we got married now and the blues have definitely kicked in. I was sat looking through the photos on Friday night and just thinking about the day in general.  There’s nothing I’d change massively other than maybe getting it recorded as that was the only thing we didn’t do.  To … Continue reading Post wedding blues and what happens next


Saying Yes to the Dress

It’s been a whole year since I put down the deposit on my dress.  Where that year’s gone I have no idea!  Thanks Facebook memories for bringing everything back…. Where I live there’s a few bridal stores but there’s one “main” one I knew I’d probably end up getting my dress from.  I went to … Continue reading Saying Yes to the Dress

My favourite photos

We got our wedding photos through! Our photographer was amazing, she emailed regularly keeping me updated when they would be coming to us so I was never worried. I knew it would take a couple of months from The Big Day because of the editing, if they'd arrived within a week I would have had … Continue reading My favourite photos


My ‘Oh shit” Kit

No matter how organised you are for your wedding, there's bound to be something that goes wrong.  Half an hour into our reception someone stood on the back of my dress and I felt something rip....cue massive panic followed by me running up to my mum clutching my back saying "my bloody dress!" Turns out … Continue reading My ‘Oh shit” Kit


Recipe – Vanilla Biscuits

This is my go-to for when I want to bake but can’t be bothered to go and buy loads of ingredients.  The recipe is from Nigella Lawson, and we used it for the wedding favours.  Edible favours are always good....This recipe is simple, quick and tastes so good, we ended up making over 250 of … Continue reading Recipe – Vanilla Biscuits


The little details

One thing I wanted with our wedding was for it to be personal to us.  I didn’t want a generic cookie cutter style wedding, so I was thinking of little things to add to it.  Things people wouldn’t necessarily see or immediately notice, but Ben and I would know about them. The keyrings I ordered … Continue reading The little details


Things I wish I’d known before I started wedding planning

Everyone will have an opinion on your wedding.  They don’t like the invites, they think you should have a band not a DJ, they think you should have a certain theme, they think this person should be invited….it goes on.  You’ll learn to block out opinions after a while and just go with your gut.  … Continue reading Things I wish I’d known before I started wedding planning