Moving on…

Growing up’s a weird old thing.  I’ve got friends my age buying houses, getting married, having kids etc.  I also have friends my age who pass out in bars every weekend and have to rely on their ID to get them home.  Funny how things work out That’s the thing they don’t tell you in … Continue reading Moving on…


Saying Yes to the Dress

It’s been a whole year since I put down the deposit on my dress.  Where that year’s gone I have no idea!  Thanks Facebook memories for bringing everything back…. Where I live there’s a few bridal stores but there’s one “main” one I knew I’d probably end up getting my dress from.  I went to … Continue reading Saying Yes to the Dress

My favourite photos

We got our wedding photos through! Our photographer was amazing, she emailed regularly keeping me updated when they would be coming to us so I was never worried. I knew it would take a couple of months from The Big Day because of the editing, if they'd arrived within a week I would have had … Continue reading My favourite photos


Review – Sleepy Lotion

Like many people, I saw the reviews for Lush's Sleepy lotion.  My sister in law had it and said how amazing it was and I figured I had nothing to lose, she has an 11 month old and obviously has to grab as much sleep as possible.  There's a Lush store by my work so … Continue reading Review – Sleepy Lotion


My favourite Instagram accounts

Instagram is one of the first things I check in the morning, I prefer that to the news lately! These are some of my favourite accounts to follow Hugo The Newfie - I love Newfoundlands, there's no denying that.  This account always makes me smile, Hugo just has the most adorable expression Spencer Lee - This … Continue reading My favourite Instagram accounts


6 Favourite Films

Ben and I only use our TV for films, we don’t have anything else connected to it other than the playstation so Netflix / DVDs/ Now TV is the only thing that really gets used on it.  Ben learned very quickly on in our relationship that pretty much every film he mentioned I had never … Continue reading 6 Favourite Films


My Gym Playlist

My music taste varies from “you need to hear this song” to “please don’t judge me….”  I have to have my music on when I’m at the gym, there’s nothing worse than getting there and realising I don’t have my headphones, or my battery’s died.  I’ve done it a couple of times before and definitely … Continue reading My Gym Playlist